Members and their guests can stay at Takapuna Ski Club.  Discover what an amazing experience it is, then join the club to become a member and book in.

I love walking straight out of the club and onto the lift. No dealing with the car, traffic, chains, or parking! Plus, I can still be on first lift, while my wife sleeps in!
— Bevan Rudge, member

Takapuna Ski Club is the ultimate family friendly getaway.  It is a place where kids can be kids, while adults relax with like-minded people and a drink after a good day on the slopes.

Members enjoy fantastic rates for accommodation that are second to none;  The nearest commercial accommodation is 7 kilometres back down the hill!

When they are not skiing the kids play together leaving the adults to enjoy a well-deserved beer or wine, watching the sun set over Mt Taranaki
— Natalie Gauld, member

Perhaps the best thing about staying at the club is being right on the slopes of mighty Mount Ruapehu itself.  An active volcano of 2797 metres, in the centre of the North Island, Mt Ruapehu offers views across much of the North Island.  The massiveness of the mountain makes it majestic.

Many scenes from Lord of The Rings were filmed on and around Mt Ruapehu, and "Mordor" (Mt Ngauruhoe) is Mt Ruapehu's neighbour.

There is nothing quite like having your breakfast and watching the RAL crew get the lifts ready for you. Then simply click into your skis & ski down to the bottom lift.
And when the sun goes down, we can now enjoy night skiing and then ski straight back to our Front Door!!
— Mike Jones, member

The lodge leader assigns a daily duty to everyone staying at the club.  This keeps costs down, helps members get to know each other and gives children responsibility. Duties are allocated with ability and age in mind.